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Jasper National Park

It is here that Athabasca is located - one of the most ancient glaciers on the Planet, the oldest spruce specimens in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, whose age is about 800 years.

Indeed, Jasper National Park is famous for its unique nature. From spacious valleys to cold centuries-old glaciers, countless meadows and mountain rivers. The local splendor of the waterfall is a grandiose spectacle. What is worth seeing as it falls from a height of 23 meters!

It is here that the highest peak of the territory is located - Mount Robson , whose height is about 4 thousand meters. It has other names - Cloudy Top, Snow Cap. All its slopes are clearly visible and differ in the vertical structure of the relief. True, despite this, the statistics on her ascent are not encouraging at all. And all because the mountain does not allow you to approach it, because it is difficult to find affordable paths to its peak.
How not to mention the most picturesque place with the largest lake in all the Rocky Mountains called Malain . Going to a depth of 100 meters, it feeds on glacial waters. Here your walk will definitely be unforgettable. Kayaking, fishing or rafting, take your pick.

Jasper Park is very popular among tourists, receiving more than 2 million visitors annually. It even bears the name of the most visited.

There are many golf courses here, including the historical one, which was opened back in 1925. It is located at The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. It was created by the famous Canadian architect Stanley Thompson. The hotel's gallery provides you with trendy shops and wonderful souvenir shops.

Wonderful ski resorts, ice skating, cycling, fishing, rafting, canoeing, lake cruises, horseback riding. Oh, you can live here, because there are many entertainments. Of course, everyone will find to their liking what they want.

In addition, in Jasper Park you can also taste hot springs, in particular Miette, whose waters are rich in calcium and sulfates. Its temperature is +54. 

How to get there

Highway 16 Yellowhead runs through the entire park. Using it, you reach the park from Hinton, which is 69 kilometers to the west, or from Edmonton, which is 35 kilometers to the east.
By train
Via Rail trains run here from Edmonton and Vancouver, and private Rocky Mountaineer trains also go to the park.
By plane
The nearest airports are in Edmonton and Calgary. Domestic flights arrive, including at Springbank Airport, which is closer to the park.

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